Aygünsan Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti. in 1992, it started its activities to produce qualified and special steels.

In line with the investments and improvement works carried out over the years, it has increased its total production capacity to 300,000 tons/year.

Today, the steel mill, which is established in a total closed area of 75.000 m2, produces billet iron, flat, square, transmission, hexagon, elevator guide rails and special shaped steel profiles based on the project in accordance with the demands of customers at the hot rolling mill and cold drawing plants.

Environmental Awareness

Using our facilities clean production technologies, to keep the highest level of recycling, soil, air and water to ensure minimum waste, environmental awareness and environmental investments and improvements have been made to improve environmental performance.

As one of the world's largest energy user sectors, our performance in the field of energy efficiency directly affects both our costs and environmental performance. In this direction, we are constantly monitoring our energy efficiency, in order to meet the consumption targets we set each year, we ensure that the energy consumption value is spread to the lowest units, monitored on a responsible basis, areas open to improvement are identified and non-conformities are eliminated. Thanks to our work, which we carry out with the awareness that uninterrupted and efficient energy use is inevitable for sustainable production, our specific energy consumption in our facilities is improving every year.