With an understanding that aims to meet the expectations of our customers quickly and effectively,

Carry out production in accordance with specifications, legal requirements and standards,

Maintaining production activities in cooperation with suppliers,

By accepting our employees as our most important internal resource, believing in their support and productivity,


To Protect Human Health in a Team Spirit by Complying with Legal Legislation and Requirements,

In order to provide a safe and healthy working environment, we invite all our employees jul
by raising awareness with the help of trainings, they, other employees and visitors
adopting as the main task not to endanger their health and safety,

Regarding possible dangerous situations and behaviors that may occur during the conduct of our activities
placing a culture of prevention by making risk assessments in a systematic way and by constantly
improving the Occupational Health and Safety Management System by controlling the risks, following the example
we are committed to continuing to be a company as our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.


In principle, in our laboratory, we are able to keep our communication with our customers at the highest level,
Providing support to the R & D activities of our employees and being able to follow the dec technology,
when requested, the research should be carried out effectively and,
a process has been established in which the reports are carefully examined.