Our Recruitment Process

GTogether with the needs of the day, we pay attention to the selection of personnel and people who will serve in the coming years of the company. Two criteria are very important for us in the recruitment process. The first is that the candidates have moral values, and the second is that they have professional competence. We apply modern recruitment techniques in today's recruitment processes. Together with the evaluation center tools, we implement a serious reference research process. This is also an indication of how much we care about human resources.

Qualification Development And Performance Management Process

We understand competencies as the expected development of knowledge, skills, behavior and values in your work. We consider competence management as a part of our performance management system. During each performance period, we receive a competency assessment of the staff attached to them from the evaluation managers. We try to make the training planning healthier by taking into account these evaluation results received. We try to make the" Performance-Education - Career " cycle work well.

Our Educational And Career Development Process

With education and development plans, we give everyone the right to equal development and the chance to compete. We believe that our educational development plans will contribute to the creation of willingness and healthy self-confidence in your work. We consider each training given to the employee as a stepping stone in terms of the employee's career development. On the one hand, we follow the employee's qualification development, on the other hand, we conduct serious performance monitoring of the employee, and we always aim at preparing the employee for senior positions and more important responsibilities. We take care of the continuous and regular continuation of training plans for the growth and development of companies.

Our Educational And Career Development Process

A comparison of works with each other is made. The criteria used for the evaluation of works are used and applied equally for everyone. According to the resulting scoring result, the company's title rating december becomes clear. A fair wage management system is created based on the december range, the basic parameters of the wage management system are determined.