Our Employment Procedure

At selection of personnel and staff, in addition to today's actual needs, we consider a long-term view diligent for selecting people who will also be maintained in future years of the company. At employment, two criteria are of ultimate importance to us. First, the candidates should have ethical values and second, the candidates should have professional competence. In the employment procedure, we make use of modern employment techniques of our time. We apply a serious process of reference research with tools of the evaluation centre. This is an indicator of the emphasis we put on human resources.

Our competence development and performance management procedure

We understand competencies as a development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values expected from an employee. We seee competence development as a part of our performance management system. In each performance period, we receive competence evaluations of their subordinates from assessment managers. By taking the outcome of these evaluations, we strive for a healthier planning of trainings. We try to achieve a convenient functioning of the 'Performance – Training – Career' cycle.

Our training and career development procedure

With training and development plans, we offer everyone the right of equal development and the opportunity of equal competition. We believe that our training development plans shall contribute in achieving encouragement and development of a healthy self-confidence in our employer. We see each training provided to employees as a leap in their career development. We track competence development of the employee on one hand and, on the other hand, we apply a serious performance development of the employee. We always aim at preparing the employee for higher positions and more significant responsibilities. In order to assure growth and improvement of our company, we carefor constant and regular maintenance of training plans.

Our training and career improvement procedure

Works are compared to each other. Criteria employed for evaluation of works are used and applied on an equal basis for everyone. Based on the achieved scores, position grade interval in the company is identified. A just system of wage management based on grade interval is created and basic parameters of the wage management system are designated.